Earth Day

April 22, 2022

The Best Plant for the Best Product

Demand Brands signed exclusive intellectual property (IP) licensing and manufacturing agreements with agricultural technology firm MBX Research in February 2022 with MBX Grow and MBX Defend now under its jurisdiction. MBX Grow maximizes nutrient availability & uptake, THC concentration, and crop yields using proprietary and patented beneficial microbes. MBX Defend provides preventative treatment and responsive action capabilities for superior crop protection using 100% organic formulation. Both may be implemented in indoor and outdoor growth facilities using soil, soilless, and hydroponic growth methods. Demand’s commanding knowledge of plant science, genetic selection, breeding methods, and patented microbial technology position it to realize superior crop protection and cultivation of organic, premium-grade greenhouse cannabis with THC levels to up to 35% and yield growth by up to 30%. DB plans to expand the MBX product and, by extension sustainable products and practices in the cannabis industry, by adding growers and sellers in its distribution network, licensing MBX’s intellectual property, and engaging in white-label partnerships with large-scale nutrient and fertilizer distributors.

The greater cannabis industry is also showing promise on the front of sustainability practices and products. Regenerative practices, prioritizing sustainability, implementing best practices. LOWD CEO Jesce Horton, who, since 2016 has led a task force on cannabis best practices, instituting resource innovation, and building energy efficiency platforms for the cannabis industry. The marijuana plant is one of the best carbon-sequestering in existence and can be a testing ground for regenerative practices in other industries to reduce consumer footprint. Potli CEO Felicity Chen is helping create high-quality kitchen staples, including honey, olive oil, and sriracha to elevate cannabis cooking and improve sustainability through partnering with local farms in Northern California. Aster Farms, another Northern California operation born from three generations of cannabis knowledge, crafts cannabis outdoors with responsible farming. They also support the equity community through mentoring initiatives. Further waste reduction and recycling efforts are underway in a number of companies. Beboe is using 100% recycled materials in its tin packaging. TILT Holdings has launched a 100% biodegradable vape pen with Jupiter Research LLC as the developer. Trulieve has helped recycle 3,500 pounds of packaging waste since its initiative began back in October 2021.

Demand Brands is committed to bringing the best practices to the industry, optimizing one of the most earth-friendly plants, and delivering the most sustainable solutions.

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