Breakthrough patented microbial technology which provides specialty growers higher yields and potency while maximizing crop protection.

MBX Grow


Beneficial Microbes for Plants

Advanced microbial technology of a unique consortium of microbes that maximizes nutrient availability and uptake for healthy soil to start your growing cycle. Proven to maximize growth, quality crop, and higher yield.


Anti-Mold & Anti-Mites

Organic complex and proprietary formulation for preventative treatment, responsive action and address outbreak conditions not limited to mold and mites which protects your crop and investment.


Mycorrhizae for Root Growth

A unique formulation of highly effective Mycorrhizae and beneficial Bacillus microbes for transplanting root protection, cloning, or enhancing root growth at the nursing stage.


Photosynthesis Enhancer

Photosynthesis is a process used by plants to convert light energy into chemical energy (sugars) that later feeds the plants. Why not enhance this process with our breakthrough organic bioflavonoids technology to maximize the benefits of sunlight or from your powerful grow light system for faster plant growth.

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