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Earth Day

The Best Plant for the Best Product

Demand Brands signed exclusive intellectual property (IP) licensing and manufacturing […]

Scratching the Surface Once

Demand Brands’ (DB) guiding ethos is driven by diversity, inclusion, decriminalization, and federal legalization. It is […]

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1805, 2022

Demand Brands kicks off cultivation at Corralitos Farms

Corralitos is the town name where four of DB’s licensed farms are co-located. Cultivation also happens on this property, bringing together on-site a unique growing environment with ample farm labor and marrying cannabis cultivation with more traditional farming practices. The farms were signed up under Viridi’s management company in 2020 as part of a brokered deal between the farm and Truleaf. Over $1 million has been invested in the farms so far. Viridi will be overseeing management, the cultivation process, labor, SOPs, harvesting, and licensing. A meeting occurred on May 13 2022 to formally kick off this engagement.

1305, 2022

Demand Brands and Truleaf discussing the future of DB’s retail footprint

We met with TruLeaf’s management team today to discuss enhancing our management consulting and brand & supply management relationship with them.

This will include a strategic investment from DB and TruLeaf to join the DB cultivation partners under Viridi SOPs and genetics and manufacturing facilities of TruLeaf to distribute the final product through TruLeaf. DB and Truleaf are planning a 50/50 revenue and cost sharing model. Planned timeline for this project is May through November 2022. Site preparation and propagation at the nursery level are underway. Planting in June/July. Harvest will start in mid September and end in October/early November. Manufacturing will begin thereafter.

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804, 2022

GHP and Sun Supply at MBX Research

GHP Holdings and Sun Supply Management visited the MBX Research offices to meet the DB team on March 1st, 2022 and negotiate the final details of the supply agreement for 180,000 lbs. of pharma-grade, premium cannabis.

This is a prime example of DB partners synergizing through the DB vertically integrated platform: pharma-grade cultivation and processing, AgTech, and robust end-to-end supply-line management.

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